Saturday, July 13, 2013

Selected events on modern copyright

Pretty long time since my last blog post, mostly because there really hasn't been anything interesting to say about current events, nothing worthy of a blog post. I feel that I've said what I need to say philosophically about copyright, so current events is all that is left.
  • France's "3 strikes" system (Hadopi) falls apart after studies showed it did little to improve content industry revenues. Nobody saw that coming (that's sarcasm).
  • USA is going through some really long winded profound reform of its copyright system. My guess from what has been said so far in the debates is it's going to be just a tad different from previous attempts at copyright reform (in that, it will actually weaken copyright in important areas). But it's too early to tell, so nothing really to write a big blog post about. If they want someone to help them write copyright bills, I'm available. :)
  • On the free culture front, we are now up to 17.6 million freely available content media files available on Wikimedia Commons. Wikipedia also continues to grow, and companies are producing derivative works from this stuff already. Far cry from the sum of human knowledge and culture being freely available, but the Commons (content free of distribution restrictions) continue to grow even though the public domain remains frozen in place.